Welcome to Stone Brooke

Stone Brooke is a residential community in Ames, Iowa. It is located within a few minutes drive or public transport ride of the Iowa State University campus and the North Grand shopping mall. The community is comprised of 25 individual dwellings and 167 townhouses.

All homeowners of Stone Brooke are members of the Stone Brooke Homeowners Association and as a condition of their purchase of residences within the community have agreed to the rules, regulations, covenants and by-laws of the association.


Amenities available to all residents include a swimming pool and club house. Community activities include a monthly potluck lunch held in the club house and various other social events.

There are extensive common areas with walking paths throughout the community and Stone Brooke overlooks the Ada Hayden Heritage Park.

Maintenance and repair of the common areas is undertaken by the Association for a nominal monthly fee. In addition, a monthly fee for townhouse owners provides for grass mowing in summer and snow removal in winter as well as roofing and siding maintenance and replacement.

The Property Service Agency provides the association with management support and oversees maintenance and other services. It can be contacted at 515-233-1922 or e-mail.

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