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STONE BROOKE Clubhouse Inventory/Procedures


The Stone Brooke clubhouse is an air-conditioned, wheelchair-accessible facility with a handicapped-accessible bathroom. Additionally, the meeting room has a small stove, refrigerator, sink, microwave, a sofa and loveseat, two side chairs, and a coffee table. Additional supplies are available for use by Stone Brooke residents hosting a social event. Note the clubhouse does not have a dishwasher.

Reservations: Kim Schrader, 233-3638. Call between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., Monday through Friday. Reserve enough time to set up and clean up. Information for unlocking the exterior door so it remains unlocked for your guests is posted on the entrance bulletin board.


Fire code allows 70 people in the meeting room.


Summary of items available in the clubhouse:

6 round white tables (58 inch diameter) that seat 6-8 See posted information for method for storage.

10 Card tables (coat closet)

Many folding chairs (table closet)

2 floor fans

1 vacuum cleaner (table closet)

2 small coffee makers (filters are in drawer below pots)

2 large coffee pots (coat closet shelf)

1 electric tea pot to boil water 1 punch bowl (coat closet shelf) with ladle

Hostess sets—50 glass trays and 50 cups (right hand cupboard)

Mugs -about 40 (in tubs in the kitchen cart below the coffee pots)

Large glass serving platter ( on top of refrigerator)

7 pitchers—metal, glass and plastic—one is insulated

12 place settings of dishes (in cupboard-right hand side)

Plastic serving platters (various sizes) (in cupboard-right hand side)

Ice Bucket (cupboard above kitchen counter)

Large Plastic jug with spout (cupboard above the stove)

Baskets and plastic containers (cupboard above the refrigerator)

Beverage supplies (creamer, sugar, sugar substitute)—in kitchen cart

step ladder (left hand side of coat closet)


Miscellaneous Kitchen Items:

Paper towels (cupboard next to stove/under kitchen counter)

Trash bags (under the sink)

A few utensils (kitchen drawer)

Dish pan, drainer, and detergent (under sink)

Hot pads (drawer near stove)


Users of the clubhouse must provide:

Dishcloths and dish drying towels

Any special utensils needed

Tablecloths and covering for serving counter if desired (counter is 102 inches long)

Any paper/plastic products and silverware you plan to use




SBHOA (5) Updated 7-23-21



Stone Brooke Clubhouse Cleanup Check Off


Turn off stove




Wash, dry, and return kitchen equipment to original location




Clean coffee pots and dispose of coffee grounds in garbage




Clean/sanitize chairs and tables and return to closet




Wash and dry sink and serving areas




Vacuum carpet (if spill occurs, use the carpet cleaner under the sink and notify a committee member to check cleanup when dried)




Sweep tiled floor to remove all crumbs (find broom in table/chair closet)




Clean up and remove trash from bathrooms (find bags under sinks)




Remove all trash and insert clean trash bags (find bags under sinks)

Take all trash home (no trash pickup at the clubhouse)




Sanitize door and appliance handles, switches, and any commonly used surfaces




Sanitize restroom cover/seat and any commonly used surface and handles




Close all windows and blinds




Return thermostat to pre-meeting temperature (62 winter 80 summer)




Turn off all lights and lock door to meeting room




Return the keys immediately with this cleanup check sheet



Signature of resident: ______________________Date:_______




SBHOA (5a) Updated 8-10-22


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