Property Service Agency

The Property Service Agency (PSA) provides the Association with management support and oversees maintenance other services. They can be contacted through their website is, by phone at 515-233-1922 or by email.

Map of Stone Brooke Community

The Stone Brooke Community is located on the north side of Ames, Iowa, and is outlined in red on the map beside this text. A Google Map of the Stone Brooke area of Ames is available by pressing Ames map.

Stone Brooke PDF map

If downloaded, you will need a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Reader, which is available free at:


Map of Ada Hayden Heritage Park

Stone Brooke is adjacent to and overlooks the Ada Hayden Park. The park containing 307 acres of land and 130 acres of water. The Stone Brooke walking paths connect with those in the park making the park within a few minutes walk for most Stone Brooke residents. The 2.8 miles of hard surface and 1.2 miles of crushed rock paths in the park follow the shore line of the two lakes as well as going through areas of wet lands and native prairie. Further information on the park can be found at the website for the Ada Hayden Heritage Park.


Reflections:  Ada Hayden Heritage Park (nature information)

City of Ames Website

Information about Ames is available from the City of Ames website, in particular, the Information for Newcomers section of the website may be of interest as in provides information on housing, living in neighborhood, recreation facilities, and homeowner information.

House and Property Information

Information on property and houses in the Stone Brooke community (as well as elsewhere in Story County) is available from the Story County Assessor Office website. To access the information it is necessary to select Property Search and enter the desired Address or Parcel Identification.

Iowa State University

Stone Brooke is located about a five-minute drive northeast of the Iowa State University campus. Many current and former faculty and staff members of the university are residents of Stone Brooke. The CyRide bus system serves both the Ames Community and the campus and has a stop at the south entrance of the Stone Brooke Community on the corner of Fletcher Boulevard and Bloomington Road. The stop is between the North Grand Mall stop and the Aspen and Stange stops on the Northbound and Southbound #6 Brown route. The bus runs approximately every 20-30 minutes on weekdays and every 45-60 minutes on Saturday. The cost to ride the bus is $1. Reduced fare ($.50) for K-12 students; Medicaid/Medicare cardholders 65 or older; and persons with a disability.

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