Stone Brooke Home Owners Association
Board of Directors meeting minutes

Annual Meeting May 2, 2022

Approved Minutes


Call to Order: The 2022 Annual Meeting of the Stone Brooke Homeowners Association, held at Stonebrook Community Church, was called to order at 6:33 p.m. by President Doyle Kepley.

Verification of Quorum:  Pat and Hal Long verified quorum as defined by the Association's Covenants. There were 54 townhouse households along with 8 house households represented.

Introductions and Recognitions:  President Kepley welcomed all in attendance and thanked the Hospitality Committee for hosting the Ice Cream Social. He recognized and introduced the Board of Directors. 

Appointment of Parliamentarian:  Jim Lohr was present as the parliamentarian.

Moment of Silence:  Jim Reynolds

Motion to approve agenda: The Annual Meeting Agenda was approved as distributed prior electronically. MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.

Motion to approve 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes:  The minutes of the 2021 Annual HOA Meeting were approved as distributed electronically two times two weeks prior to the meeting date. MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.

President’s Report:  President Kepley thanked the past board members for support over the past 3 years and how he appreciated working and getting to know each member. He thanked each committee chair and committee members for their service and shared how the board appreciates their efforts. Stone Brooke’s operations and social schedules are back on a “normal”  level as before Covid. Every resident was encouraged to attend board meetings, be involved, and stay informed about our community.

Committee Reports:

ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL:  Marlene Johnson-liaison, Dean McCormick-chair, Russ Richardson, Nathan Tosten, Candy Schainker, and Lyn Watson

The committee reviewed and forwarded five requests to the Board of Directors for action this past year. Approval was recommended for all five of these requests.


BUILDING MAINTENANCE:  Doyle Kepley (substitute for Jim Twedt)-Liaison, Sharon Axland-Chair, Darlene Schmidt, Gail Johnston, Dave Martin, Red Stenberg, Marc Rietz, and Doug Lawrence

The following were completed by the committee  last year: 

16 full roof replacements

14 rain gutter replacements

10 full paints, 13 trims

The cost of materials and labor increased significantly in 2021. Many repairs and painting were thus completed as the budget allowed. Spring inspections this year are showing fewer  repairs than usual so hopefully 2022 will be a catch-up year.

Chad Marty from PSA reported that there were two utility line repair/replacements toward the end of 2021. Invoices were received in 2022 and paid. The average cost can be from $5,000 and upward to $10,000. Most insurance companies offer a Utility Line Coverage Option for Homeowners Insurance for around $20. Aaron reported that each Class A Unit is currently assessed approximately $76 per year for these anticipated yearly costs.


CLUBHOUSE/POOL:  Linda Thrailkill-Liaison, Dave Martin-Chair, Vince Simon-Certified Pool Operator, Nathan & Neta Tosten, Kim Shrader, Carole Bunde, Dwight & Addie Hinson, and Alon Klekner

Summary of the year:

In April of 2021 the Clubhouse floor was repaired and new carpet was installed.

In May of 2021 the Clubhouse re-opened to one event/day and in July opened to multiple events daily.

118 Clubhouse events and  9 pool parties were scheduled.

During the summer the new pool floor paint was chipping. After several legal correspondences, a solution was reached and the initial payment was returned.

The east driveway approach was replaced.

A new contractor, Area Pro Painters from Sheldahl, Iowa has been hired to sandblast and repaint the pool floor before it opens with weather permitting.

INVESTMENT: Fred Johnson-Liaison, Ken Recker-Chair, Larry Cormicle, Bob Blattert, and Howard Levine

The purpose of this committee was authorized in 2008 by the SBHOA Board to invest $100,000 at a higher rate of return than a bank savings account. Subsequently a brokerage account was established with Vanguard. Since 2008 the total return on the original investment is 235%.

Started the year with a $102,801.56 balance and ended with $122,601.33 resulting in a $19,799.77 (19.3%) gain. No change in investments, withdrawals or additions during the year.


INSURANCE:  Jim Billings-Liaison, Jim Lohr-Chair

Home insurance coverage for all Class A homeowners is monitored yearly. Every Class A homeowner should instruct their insurance company to provide the Association with annual notification of home coverage. In accordance with the Covenants and By-laws of the Association, every Class A home should include in its policy a rider that has SBHOA as an additional insured, and ensure that the dwelling replacement amount is adequate to cover the full cost of rebuilding the residence in case it is destroyed.


GROUNDS:  Jeff Borgmeyer-Liaison, Andrea D’Onore & Jean Marsden-Co-Chairs, Joyce Hardisty, Sharon Knudsen, Bob & Julie Larson, and John Wilson

The mulch created by the results of the Derecho has been distributed throughout the common grounds.

Seven trees purchased through the city’s Iowa Native Tree Replacement Rebate Program were planted and 75 seedlings donated by the city were planted along the creek banks and woodlands.

Dirk Snyder power-washed a bridge and replaced the non-skid striping.

The committee versaw the management of the lawn care and snow removal services for the SBHOA in 2021.

With guidance from Julia Badenhope, the committee selected a wide variety of both trees and shrubs to be planted on common grounds.

The co-chairs and the liaison met with Chad Marty from PSA to discuss returning the management of large contracts to their care to align with the current approved board policy on management of contractors.


HOSPITALITY:  Kathy Glatz and Jan Andersen-Co-Chairs, Jim Billings-Liaison, Bob Bergmannm Nathan & Neta Tosten, Lynn Granco, Kathy Rathe, Ed Folts, and Bill Andersen

Activities held in the past year included:

*Sweet Treats Ice Cream Truck Social

*Information Session on Stone Brooke Covenants/By-Laws by Bob Blattert

*ISU Creamery Ice Cream and Jazz on the Greens (Tony Stevens Band)

*Stone Brooke Block Party with Max Wellman Quartet, Corn Hole Tournament, Hula Hoop Contest, and Sweet And Savory LOC Food Truck

*Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt and Dress-Up Party

*Fall Potluck

*Holiday Gift-Giving

*Holiday Wine and Cheese

*Spring Potluck & Speaker (Resident and Ames City Manager Steve Schainker)


WELCOME COMMITTEE:  Jim Billings-Liaison, Char Hulsebus andDean Sampson-Co-chairs

Dean personally visits newcomers and provides an information packet with information about Stone Brooke including governance, dues, waste management, and activities. He also provides a printed copy of the most recent Stone Brooke directory. Char updates the information in the welcome packet and Stone Brooke directory.

In the past year Stone Brooke has welcomed eight new households. To the best of our knowledge, two units recently sold and no other units are for sale. Contact either Dean or Char if you plan to list your unit or house for sale. The Committee can provide a Stone Brooke checklist to help you when you sell your home.

PSA-Chad Marty: 

Chad and Chris are the primary contacts to field any townhouse or Common Grounds concerns. They oversee any of Stone Brooke’s large contracts.

There is a $7,100 budget for utility line repair yearly. The city is responsible for the line from the street to the property, the HOA is responsible from the property line to the house. The homeowner is responsible once it’s to the house. This is a common problem for the age of the townhouses.

Painting a townhouse unit has increased this year. It had been approximately $2,000 an average unit. Now estimates are coming in over $3,000. Other painters are being contacted.

Presentation of Board of Director Candidates:

Devan Iddings, first term

Kathy Rathe, first term

Aaron Keller, second term

Election of Directors:

It was moved, seconded, and a show of hands showed acceptance of the candidates.

Adjournment: Moved, seconded, and voted to adjourn at 7:30 p.m.

Good of the Order

A short meeting of the 2022-2023 Board members was held immediately following adjournment of the annual meeting.

Jim Billings - Vice President    Treasurer - Aaron Keller

Jeff Borgmeyer - President    Secretary - Cheryl Martin

Grounds Liaison - Marlene Johnson

Architecture Control Liaison - Marlene Johnson

Building Maintenance Liaison - Jim Twedt ( Doyle Kepley)

Clubhouse/Pool Liaison - Devan Iddings

Hospitality Liaison - Kathy Rathe

Welcome Liaison - Jim Billings

Insurance Liaison - Jim Billings

Investment Liaison - Fred Johnson

Orientation Meeting - May 9 at 4:30 p.m. at Clubhouse

May 23, 2022 
4:30 p.m. at Stone Brooke Clubhouse 

Masks are welcomed but not required.

Call to Order -Determination of quorum-confirmed

Agenda -Moved, seconded, and approved

Board Members Present:  Jeff Borgmeyer, Jim Billings, Aaron Keller, Cheryl Martin, Doyle Kepley, Devan Iddings, Kathy Rathe, Marlene Johnson, and Fred Johnson

Stone Brooke Residents Present: Sharon Axland,  Kathy Glatz, David Martin, Ron White, Jan and Bill Andersen, and Judy and Denis McGee

Old Business 

Reserve Study - Aaron Keller 

-Phone call with Ross Hardy, Criterium-Hardy Engineers 

At the request of the Stone Brooke Board of Directors, a 20-year Reserve Study for both the Common Area and the Townhouse Units of Stone Brooke has been conducted by Criterium-Hardy Engineers. Studies of this nature are important to ensure that a community will have sufficient funds for long-term, periodic reserve expenditure requirements. Such expenditures would include walking path resurfacing/replacement, bridge replacement and pool mechanical systems replacement as just a few common area examples.  Long-term reserve expenditures, the funding plan and ensuring adequate Reserve Fund balances are the focus of this Reserve Study. Studies of this nature are important to ensure that our community will have sufficient funds for long-term, periodic reserve expenditure requirements. This helps preserve the value of our community and the units within it. The draft results were reviewed by the Board at its May 23 meeting. The teleconference with Ross offered an opportunity for Board members as well as guests to ask questions concerning the draft reserve study. 


Opportunity to ask questions concerning Reserve Study 

An hour-long discussion ensued including such topics as inflation rate, funding options details, specifics related to common area site amenities, timing of repairs/replacement, estimates on cost, etc. Alternative #1 would require a $30/month increase from 192 households over the next 20 years (the scope of the study) and Alternative #2 would require an initial $16/month increase with that amount increasing by 3% each year along with a special assessment in five years in an amount of $958 each from 192 households. According to the projections of the study, both options would provide for a positive reserve balance. 


There was discussion concerning how inflation would impact the planning while keeping in mind that the operating budgets for both townhomes and common areas would be reviewed each year and adjustments to dues would be made according to our Covenants in order to meet operating expenses.

Reserves are not taxable (#1128 tax form) as a retained funding. It was noted that the paths would be repaired with a 1-2inch overlay on top of the current paths in this scenario.


Ron White asked if it would be better to ask for a little above the stated $30 monthly increase for the common areas funding. (for example $35). Note that the current Common areas dues are $44.18 monthly for each household in Stone Brooke.


-Recommendations from the Reserve Committee 

The ad hoc Reserve Analysis Committee is recommending Alternative #1 (above).

The board will receive a final Analysis Report and vote on a proposed funding strategy at the June board meeting. The committee anticipates scheduling a special educational meeting(s) in July and/or August for community members, followed by a special membership meeting to vote on the necessary dues increase. Any funding for the Reserve would be effective January 1, 2023 as well as any changes to dues required to cover operating expenses.  

It was suggested by Jim Billings that no fundraising for the Gazebo take place before the special membership meeting concerning the funding of the reserve is scheduled. It was moved, seconded, and passed.

Summary of April 25, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes – Cheryl Martin

-The Board Orientation Meeting Minutes were corrected and approved by May 19, 2022 and then posted. 

-The Board Minutes were corrected and approved by May 20, 2022 and then posted. 

-The Directors were asked to copy the SBHOA Board of Directors page from their email for their Board Binder.

Outcomes from Annual Meeting – Cheryl Martin 

-Election of Directors:  Aaron Keller -2nd term, Devan Iddings -1st term, Kathy Rathe -1st term

-Election of Officers:  President -Jeff Borgmeyer, VP -Jim Billings, Treasurer -Aaron Keller, Secretary -Cheryl Martin

-Assignment of Committee Liaisons 

Architectural Control & Grounds Committees -Marlene Johnson, Building Maintenance -Jim Twedt ( Doyle Kepley), Clubhouse/Pool -Devon Iddings, Hospitality -Kathy Rathe, Welcome & Insurance -Jim Billings, Investment -Fred Johnson.

Treasurer’s Report – Aaron Keller

The income in the month of April was $37,541.41 with total expenses of $29,384.05. January -April 2022 total income is $61,161 with total expenses of $80,609. Moved by Jim B, seconded by Fred Johnson, and approved.

Committee Reports from Liaisons 

Building Maintenance: Doyle Kepley (filling in for Jim Twedt while on medical leave) 

-Sharon mentioned that if residents would add the utility line insurance to their homeowners insurance, it would save the Association money on the replacement of the utility line to the townhouses.

-See Chad Marty’s report.

Grounds: Jeff Borgmeyer 

-As part of the 2022 Tree and Shrub Planting Plan six trees were planted on May 4 by Grounds members and those from Iowa Native Trees/Shrubs.

-The East Wetlands is where two trees were planted and honeysuckle was removed and treated to prevent regrowth.

-Using the free donated red-stemmed dogwood and buttonbush seedlings from the city, the committee will continue to plant along the creek.

-Cracks and bulging areas along the paths have been identified and marked by Chad Marty and Andrea. Currently the Committee is waiting for an estimated bid from the contractor.

-During the week of May 23, prairie specialists from Iowa Native Trees and Shrubs will be executing a controlled burn of the Prairie Overlook.

-Again Hawcott will be using the mulch from the northwest brush pile to trees and beds in the northwest part of our property. There will be a service day to help spread the mulch into place.

-The Grounds Survey has been sent via email to each household. Please share your opinion and return it as soon as you can.

-Next Grounds Meeting is Wednesday, June 15 at 1 p.m.

Clubhouse and Pool: Devan Iddings 

-The pool has been sandblasted, painted, and caulked. It is now filled with water. We are waiting for WCI to start the pumps and start-up procedures. Then the water will be cleaned. The hope is still to open by Memorial Day!

-Dave Martin clarified the previous month’s decision to deny requests for Clubhouse use that would extend beyond the confines of the building and pool area. This would not include Stone Brooke functions.

Hospitality:  Kathleen Rathe 

-Past Events:  The Annual Meeting Ice Cream Social used 80 name tags and all 100 cups of ice cream were sold. This was a huge success! The Overflow Thrift Store’s Truck took donations from fifty-four residents and filled the truck. Six residents helped load the truck.

-Upcoming Events:  Memorial Day Celebration at the Clubhouse parking lot/lawn. Hawaiian Luau Party at the Clubhouse, parking lot/lawn, and pool will be held June 23, 5:30-9pm. Tickets are $16.75. 

Architectural Control: Marlene Johnson

-Unit #4218 Stone Brooke Road is requesting permission to build a wheelchair accessible entry in the home through the front door. The deck and ramp will be made out of wood similar to the deck off the back. The railing will also be of wood to match. The proposal has been reviewed and approved by the committee. Dean McCormick asks the board to approve this request. A motion to approve was made and seconded. Motion carried.  

Investment: Fred Johnson 

-As of April 30 the Brokerage Account value was $113,844.15.

Insurance: Jim Billings 

No report

Welcome: Jim Billings 

No report


Comments from Property Service Agency: Chad Marty 

-Maintenance schedules (gutter, paint, roofing) 

Painting schedule is a full-paint every 12 years and a 

touch-up paint white trim every 6 years.

-Fletcher Court Update 

Chad will periodically check with Dave Stenberg on the schedule of the project.

-PSA contract

Chad will give a rough draft to the Ad Hoc committee. Building Maintenance has decided that they need Chad six meetings a year. Board Meetings most months.

-Mailbox Care -there is a request to follow-up with residents who are out of compliance with mailbox policy. 

-Devan expressed concern over non-mowing of South Bend Pine Path’s shoulder.

-The annual inspections are now completed.

-When the work orders have been issued, phase I emails will go out to homeowners for those most urgent repairs from spring inspections.

-Waiting for bids from TMJ for gutters and downspouts to determine the number to be completed.

-Since paint quotes are coming in higher than expected, Chad is reaching out to other painters.

-Four roofs are scheduled for replacement in June at this time and the owners will be contacted.

Comments from audience

John Wilson asked preferences about tree signs and was then guided to the Grounds Committee’s advice to make them smaller.

Comments from the Board

Jim Billings will work with Kathy Gatz and anyone else to join an Ad Hoc Committee to make a comprehensive proposal addressing concerns with answers to the Gazebo project. It was moved, seconded, and approved to create the Gazebo Ad Hoc Committee.


Jim B moved to adjourn, seconded by Doyle, approved at 6:25 p.m.

Next scheduled Board Meeting June 27, 2022 at 4:30 p.m.


Orientation Meeting

May 9, 2022

4:30 p.m. at Stone Brooke Clubhouse


Present: Jeff Borgmeyer, Cheryl Martin, Doyle Kepley, Jim Billings, Marlene Johnson, Fred Johnson, DevanIddings, and Kathy Rathe

Absent: Aaron Keller, Linda Thrailkill, Jim Twedt


-It was moved, seconded, and approved to accept Doyle’s offer to stand in for Jim Twedt during Jim’s medical leave.

-Discussion on using Google Docs. Questions were asked with a few answers unavailable. Most people were aware of the program and were willing to try it out. Jim B proposed that Cheryl send out a practice document to run through the process.


Assignments of Liaisons. Two positions were available for new leadership; Grounds and Clubhouse. It was determined that Kathy would be the Hospitality Liaison and Devan would be Clubhouse Liaison. This left Grounds unassigned. Marlene volunteered to add Grounds to her assignment of the Architectural Control Liaison.


Board Binders were reviewed. It was determined that another binder was needed to be created for Kathy. Marlene will assume this task.

Past directors met up with their replacement to share any specifics about their job.


Adjourned at 6 p.m.

Submitted by Cheryl Martin, Secretary of the Board



April 25, 2022

4:30 p.m. at Stone Brooke Clubhouse


Board Members Present:  Doyle Kepley, Cheryl Martin,  Aaron Keller,  Jeff Borgmeyer, Linda Thrailkill, Marlene Johnson, Fred Johnson

PSA Representative Present:  Chad Marty

Absent:  Jim Twedt and Jim Billings

Stone Brooke Residents Present:  Sharon Axland, Betty Kepley, Dallas Rust,  Jean Marsden, Bob Blattert, Lee Griffin, and Bill and Jan Andersen.

Call to Order - Determination of quorum:  Confirmed

Summary of March 28, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes:  Highlights of the last meeting were read by Cheryl Martin. The March minutes were approved via email April 11, 2022 and posted on the Stone Brooke website April 14,  2022.  


Treasurer’s Report:

-The income in the month of March was $37,541.41 with total expenses of $15,704.53. 


Committee Reports:

Architectural Control - Marlene Johnson

-No requests have been made.


Building Maintenance - Sharon Axland (Chair stepping-in for Jim Twedt)

-Spring inspections are nearly complete and will be assigned based on damage priority. When the work order is finalized the involved homeowners will be contacted.

-Spring roof inspections showing damage and wear will be assessed before a final decision of which roofs will be replaced this year. A letter of explanation on skylight expense will be sent out the same as last year.

-PSA is in the process of obtaining quotes for gutter replacement.

-The Gutter Policy is on hold and will hopefully be tweaked by the May Board Meeting.


Clubhouse and Pool - Linda Thrailkill

-Settlement was received from Jarnagan for inferior pool painting.

-A contract with Area Professional Painting & Sandblasting, Sheldahl, Iowa was approved to sandblast and repaint the pool @ $6.25/SF this spring.

-Voted and approved to deny requests for Clubhouse use that would extend beyond the confines of the building and pool area.

-Upcoming committee meeting is May 5, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. in the Clubhouse. 


Investment - Fred Johnson

-Investment holdings were reviewed with no recommendation for a change. The volatile market has brought the investments short $1,100.00. 


Insurance:  Jim Billings

-No report


Grounds - Jeff Borgmeyer

-Landscapes by Design (LBD) and Hawcott Lawn Service have been long time contractors for routine snow removal and lawn mowing services for SBHOA. Grounds wanted to align the management of these services with the Board Approved “Policy on Hiring and Managing Contractors” (Adopted March 22, 2010). Charts were drafted that delineated the roles and responsibilities (R&R) between Grounds Chairs, Liaison, PSA and Board President for management of these contracts consistent with the above referenced policy. Grounds chairs, Jeff and Chad Marty (PSA) met, reviewed, and agreed to the R&R as detailed in the charts on April 18, 2022; aligning management with board approved policy. Copies of the R&R charts were provided as information to the board.  

-2022 Tree Planting Update: Zach Burhenn of Iowa Native Trees will arrive next week to learn where the six currently available trees are to be planted, with planting to occur within the next 2-3 weeks. The remainder of the trees on the list will be planted in the fall when they are expected to become available. The 2022 tree-planting list along with planting locations were provided to the board as information.  Paperwork will be submitted to take advantage of the City of Ames’ tree rebate program. The committee will continue to add to the plantings along the creek using donations of red twig dogwood and buttonbush seedlings supplied free from the city. 

-Tree donations can be contributed to SBHOA with the memo notation “Tree Donation” to Klatt & Associates CPA PC, 617 Duff Ave., Ames, IA 50010.

-The Committee is assessing basic path maintenance with Chad to determine which cracks need to be filled and which areas need to be “knocked down.” The repairs will be categorized, “High Risk, Low Risk, Annoyance” and contracted with the repair company over the next 3 years to stay within budget.

-Burning of the West Overlook Prairie (Cup Hill) this spring will be done by Iowa Native Trees and Shrubs.

-Hawcott will move mulch from the northwest brush pile to trees and beds in the northwest part of our property. A Service Day will be determined to help spread the mulch into place.

-”Clean out the Garage Day” to sort and organize the garage. This project will coordinate with Hospitality and Clubhouse Committees.

-Next Grounds Committee Meeting is Wednesday, May 18.


Hospitality -  Jim Billings

-No report


Welcome - Jim Billings

-No report


PSA Report - Chad Marty

Reporting back on previous questions: 

-Chad met and/or talked with the Grounds, Building/Maintenance, and Clubhouse/Pool Committees to determine the procedure of handling invoices and contracts. It was decided that all three committees would follow the same procedures for invoices. Two months before an annual contract renewal date there will be a review with the committee and PSA. Residents’ concerns are addressed directly to PSA and then Chad will share with the appropriate committee.

-No PSA contract has been determined or signed at this time.

-Maintenance schedules for this summer:  12 gutters estimates for replacements, 10 unit estimates for painting, six unit roofs planned this June. When amounts are determined, the residences will be notified.

-The Ad Hoc contracts committee will work with Chad on the protocol of all contracts. Jeff developed a table to handle the responsibilities of concern to the Grounds Committee. This table format will work with each Committees’ contracts. 

 New questions and actions:

-Each of the previous items are ongoing and will conclude at a future date.

-The wooden bridge replacement is on the calendar.


Old Business:

-Reserve Study - Aaron

-The Ad Hoc committee met last week reviewing the modified Reserve Analysis by Continuum-Hardy. There are two studies; Common Area items and Townhouse items. The Draft Reserve Study is still in the process of analyzing the data.

-Transition and Orientation of New Board Members

-Contract for PSA

-The Ad Hoc committee will write a draft contract and discuss it with PSA.


New Business

-Announcement of Board of Directors Nominations:

Kathreen Rathe - First term Townhouse representative

Devon Iddings -First term House representative

Aaron Keller - Second term Treasurer

Comments From Audience:  

-There was a question about snow removal damage to curbs in Waterbury Circle and who is responsible for repairs. Since the street is owned by the City, the resident was encouraged to contact the City of Ames.

-Lee Griffin brought up questions about the mailbox conformity to SBHOA Policy. Following discussion, it was recommended that Marlene draft a reminder for inclusion in the Stone Brooke newsletter concerning SBHOA MailBox Policy.  


Comments From the Board:  

-It was moved, seconded, and approved that the secretary will receive the passwords for the two Stone Brooke emails.


Adjourn:   6:15pm

Annual Meeting is May 2, 2022.

Next Scheduled Meeting:  May 23, 2022, 4:30 pm, at the Clubhouse. 

Submitted by Cheryl Martin, Secretary to the Board of Directors



March 28, 2022

4:30 p.m. at Stone Brooke Clubhouse


Board Members Present: Doyle Kepley, Cheryl Martin, Jim Billings, Aaron Keller, Jim Twedt, Jeff Borgmeyer, Linda Thrailkill, Marlene Johnson, Fred Johnson

PSA Representative Present:  Chad Marty

Absent:  All present

Stone Brooke Residents Present:  Sharon & Dean Axland, Betty Kepley, Loren Donaldson, Dallas Rust, Kathy Glatz, Char Hulsebus, David Martin, Trudy Dirks, Dana Schinader, Jean Marsden, and John Wilson.


Call to Order - Determination of quorum:  Confirmed

Summary of February 28, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes: Highlights of the last meeting were read by Cheryl Martin. The February minutes were approved via email March 15, 2022 and posted March 20, 2022.  

Treasurer’s Report:

-The income in the month of February was $37,541.41 with total expenses of $46,607.19. The snow removal for the month accounts for the difference of $10,409.97. 

Committee Reports:

Architectural Control - Marlene Johnson

-The Committee has reviewed the design of the proposed gazebo designated near the Clubhouse and pool. The design is acceptable to follow the architectural standards of the HOA.

-The committee is asking that these comments be considered when deciding whether to approve this project. 1- The materials used should be durable in nature to limit maintenance and should ask input from the Building and Maintenance Committee. 2- The final location should consider the impact on the neighboring homeowners from a noise and disturbance standpoint. 3- The location should also consider other amenities that may want to be added by the HOA in the future.

-No other projects were submitted for approval this month.

Building Maintenance - Jim Twedt

 -The Gutter Policy Draft will be revised taking into consideration the discussion and recommendations from the board on how to handle lack of maintenance of gutters and the ensuing damage. This draft will be presented to the board at the April meeting.

Clubhouse and Pool - Linda Thrailkill

 -Jarnigan’s attorney has contacted Stone Brooke’s attorney for setting up an inspection time of the pool.

-Upcoming committee meeting is April 7, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. in the Clubhouse. 

Investment - Fred Johnson

-Investment holdings were reviewed with no recommendation for a change. A note to remember is that currently all dues are directly applied to the appropriate budget areas.

Insurance:  Jim Billings

-Twelve letters have been sent out to those residents that their townhouse is insured below the replacement value. Jim pointed out that to make it more affordable a homeowner could lower the deductible and raise the replacement value on their insurance. 

-Talking to your personal insurance agent would be helpful in figuring out your situation.

-Townhouse owners should check with their common wall neighbor and talk about replacement value on each other’s units.

Grounds - Jeff Borgmeyer

-With guidance from Julia Badenhope, SBHOA resident and ISU Professor of Landscape Architecture, the grounds committee selected a wide variety of both trees and shrubs to be planted on common grounds. The tree and bush names are written on flags in a variety of locations seen from the walking paths.

-Volunteers will be needed to help remove invasive honeysuckles before the plantings can take place.

-The master plan from Iowa State University’s Dept. of Landscape Architecture concerning stormwater mitigation may incorporate plans for the paths as one means of addressing stormwater runoff. Drafts hopefully will be completed this summer.

-Jeff and Jean will meet with Aaron to decide the best place within the budget to save donated money for tree planting.

-Jeff and Jean will meet with Chad to better align snow removal and lawn care with the SBHOA Board Approved Policy on “Procedures to Hire and Manage Contractors” (approved March 22, 2010) and PSA’s role.

Hospitality -  Jim Billings

-Jim gave a reminder of the upcoming events. 

May 2 is the Ice Cream social at 5:45 p.m. with the Annual HOA Membership Meeting following at 6:30 p.m.; both events held at the Stonebrook Community Church.

May 7 Overflow Thrift Store will pick up donations from Stone Brooke from 9 a.m. - noon at the Clubhouse parking lot - no furniture at this time.

Monday, May 30 Memorial Day Celebration

Welcome - Jim Billings

-There are a few pages in the Welcome packet that have been updated along with the Stone Brooke Map.

PSA Report - Chad Marty

Reporting back on previous questions: 

-Greensboro Neighborhood Assoc. shared that at this time there have been no maintenance costs concerning their gazebo. They do incur a $265.00/year liability insurance cost. 

-Fletcher Court approach and unit #3915 driveway’s curb and gutter is still on Dave Steinbeck’s schedule for this spring.

-PSA contract will be ready in April and sent to the secretary.

New questions and actions:

-An Ad Hoc contracts committee will work with Chad on protocol of all contracts.

-Maintenance schedules for this summer:  12 gutters estimates for replacements, 10 unit estimates for painting, six unit roofs planned this June. When amounts are determined, the residences will be notified.

-Chad will get the PSA Contract to the secretary, Cheryl Martin, in April.

-PSA will put together a spreadsheet or chart of all the SBHOA contracts and keep track of inception, due dates, and costs. Contracts of garbage, Clubhouse cleaning lady, PSA, pool caretaker,  lawn care, snow removal, tree care, etc. will be listed and a copy will be sent to the secretary. It will be reported to the board monthly, and an update sent to the secretary with any change.


Old Business:

-Reserve Study - Aaron

Aaron reported the receipt of a draft Reserve Analysis study and has reviewed  it for accuracy of assumptions.  The preparers of the report, Continuum-Hardy, have been asked to modify the draft. Aaron suggested a committee to review the report prior to the full board review. Since this study is driven by expenditures, the liaisons/chairs of the Building and Maintenance (Sharon Axland), Grounds (Jean Marsden & Jeff Borgmeyer), and Clubhouse (Dave Martin) Committees will be the logical  members of the Reserve Ad Hoc Committee. This Ad Hoc Committee will have time to go over the Reserve Study before discussion is held at the April Board Meeting.

-Transition and Orientation of New Board Members. Three new board members need to be elected in April at the Annual Meeting. Orientation of the new board directors will occur in May before the regularly scheduled Board Meeting. 

-Contract for PSA

-Chad Marty is to submit a contract proposal for review to the secretary before the April Board Meeting.


New Business

-Board Member Notebooks - Marlene

Each Director of the Board received a notebook containing important guiding information in general and information for their position on the board. Further discussion will take place at 4 p.m. before the April Board Meeting begins at 4:30 p.m..

-Friendship Ark - Jennifer Ellis, Executive Director, shared safety concerns for their residents crossing Bloomington at Fletcher. She was interested in knowing if Stone Brooke’s residents would show interest in supporting some action by the city to improve this intersection. There is a City Council meeting on April 12, 2022 at 6:30 p.m.

Comments From Audience:  No comments at this time.

Comments From the Board:  No additional comments.


Adjourn:  6:52 p.m.

Next Scheduled Meeting:  April 25, 2022, 4:30 p.m., at the Clubhouse.

Submitted by Cheryl Martin, Secretary to the Board of Directors



February 28, 2022

4:30 p.m. at Stone Brooke Clubhouse


Board Members Present: Doyle Kepley, Aaron Keller, Jim Twedt, Jeff Borgmeyer, Linda Thrailkill, Marlene Johnson, Fred Johnson

PSA Representative Present:  Chad Marty

Absent:  Jim Billings and Cheryl Martin

Stone Brooke Residents Present:  Sharon Axland, Betty Kepley, Loren Donaldson, Joyce Hardisty, Dallas Rust, Kathy Glatz, Char Hulsebus and John Wilson

Call to Order — Determination of quorum:  Confirmed


Summary of January 24, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes: Highlights of the last meeting were read by Jeff Borgmeyer (temporarily filling in for Cheryl Martin). 

The January minutes were approved via email February 1, 2022 and posted February 4, 2022.  

Treasurers Report:

-Due to an illness, the treasurer's report will be submitted for inclusion in the  March minutes.  

Committee Reports:

Architectural Control - Marlene Johnson

-Dean McCormick explained to Marlene that due to the conceptual state of the gazebo plans he gave no response to Kathy. The issue was resolved during discussion at board meeting:  Now that the gazebo plans have advanced to architectural drawings, Kathy Glatz and Char Hulsebus will submit the plans to the committee.

Building Maintenance  - Jim Twedt

-The draft of the Gutter and Downspout Policy has been sent to the residents and a number of responses were returned. The committee reviewed the responses and amended the policy by adding greater clarity to address residents' responses. A vote to approve changes to the policy was moved and seconded. The motion was carried 7-0. Revised policy will be sent to the residents for further comments.  

Clubhouse and Pool - Linda Thrailkill

-The primary item discussed was the need to seek new bids for 2022 pool sanding and painting. Doyle Kepley indicated that the pool contractor Jarnigan who painted the pool last summer,  had responded via a letter through their attorney requesting to inspect the pool. Request is pending advice from SBHOA State Farm attorney.  

Investment - Fred Johnson

-The January statement for investments indicated an unrealized loss of $3,996.33 in January. Ending balance as of January 31, 2022 was $118,605.00

Insurance:  Jim Billings

-No report

Grounds - Jeff Borgmeyer

-Grounds chairs and liaison met with Julia Badenhope on Feb 18 to discuss updates with respect to the long-awaited survey. Julia has converted the survey to an electronic format so that residents can fill out surveys online. Survey was reviewed and minor edits suggested. Next steps: survey needs approval from ISU, expected in March (Julia is optimistic the survey can be sent out at the end of March), analysis of the survey is to be done by the Center for Survey and Statistics and Methodology (CSSM) of ISU, and the results will be communicated in April.

-Julia presented a topographic map developed by the ISU dept. of Landscape Architecture showing Stone Brookes water infrastructure along with surface water flow. This map will serve as an important resource for future proposals for storm water mitigation designs prepared by the department.

-Julia presented an early draft of a Design Guidelines Publication for Stone Brooke.  Publication would contain recommended native bird friendly plant lists along with example landscaping designs that residents could make use of in their own yards. 

-Feb 24th snow event. Snow accumulation was in the 3-4 inch range. Snow began in the afternoon and continued into the early evening hours. Landscapes by Design crews arrived in the overnight hours completing snow removal activities prior to dawn. Everything went relatively smoothly.   

Hospitality - Jim Billings

-No report

Welcome - Jim Billings

-No report


Old Business

-Update on Fletcher Court Approach. Chad Marty reported the work is still on the agenda for spring. Date not determined yet.  

-Reserve Study.  Aaron Keller reported the reserve report is expected the first week of March.  

-Transition and Orientation of New Board Members. Three new board members need to be elected in April at the Annual Meeting. Orientation of the new board directors will occur in May before the regularly scheduled Board Meeting.  

New Business

Gazebo - Kathy Glatz and Char Hulsebus

-Purpose:  To inform the board of progress on a proposal for a gazebo tentatively planned for the Clubhouse grounds, as well as to seek input from the board. Kathy and Char have met with several Stone Brooke committees including the Clubhouse and Grounds seeking their input. A detailed schematic drawing is now available. Proposal calls for a 16 x 16 ft. gazebo with a 24 x 24 ft. concrete slab. The design is patterned after the gazebo located in the Greensboro neighborhood in Ames. The gazebo would have capacity for 50 chairs with a speaker, or a 30-40 person potluck capacity with tables and chairs. The proposal has been sent out for bids by PSA. A good estimate for construction costs is not known yet. Landscaping will be needed as well. Grounds committee has been engaged on this topic. Funding is fluid until costs are known. Current plan is to seek informal pledges from residents. A presentation will be made at the Annual Meeting in April. Board approval would be sought after sufficient pledges are obtained to cover costs.  

-The presentation generated significant interest from both the board as well as from residents in attendance. A sampling of the discussion topics is captured below.

-Public grant:  The city of Ames offers grants through the neighborhood improvement project (NIP) for up to $5,000. To qualify,  some public access opportunities to the gazebo would need to be provided. This could include inviting the public to presentations sponsored by the grounds committee for example a topic related to ecology, etc. The issue of Stone Brooke liability was raised. Doyle Kepley volunteered to seek input from State Farm. The presenters did not seek a motion at this time from the board with respect to the board's position on seeking a public grant but will continue to seek resident input.

-Maintenance:  Questions were raised with respect to ongoing maintenance expenses. Chad Marty volunteered to seek information from the Greensboro Neighborhood Association as they are a PSA property.  

-Trash:  Discussion around potential trash issues. Neighbors in close proximity to the Clubhouse have experienced some trash issues from other Clubhouse events. It was acknowledged this is an important consideration that needs attention. Presenters were very appreciative of the feedback and want to make sure this is satisfactorily addressed for Clubhouse events irrespective of the addition of a gazebo.  

Written Responsibilities of Board Liaisons and Committee Chairs Due March Meeting

-Insufficient time to address

Contract for PSA

-Chad Marty to submit a contract proposal for review.  

Timeline/Calendar of Contract renewal Dates

-Insufficient time to address.  

Comments from Property Service Agency:  Chad Marty

-Roofing:  Estimates will be obtained from TMJ on eight units, planning on six units for June.

-Gutters:  Estimates for replacements of 12 units are forthcoming.

-Painting:  Painting costs have increased significantly. Getting estimates for just 10 units. Will need to discuss future plans based upon increased pricing and budget.

-Once work orders are approved, e-mails will be sent to residents.

-Spring Inspections:  Should be starting in the next two weeks. Hoping to have them completed prior to the annual meeting.

-Cost of Fletcher Court Rebuild:  Not reported at this time.

Comments From Audience:  Comments captured in gazebo discussion

Comments From the Board:  No additional comments

Adjourn:  approximately 6:30 p.m.

Next Scheduled BOD Meeting:  March 28, 2022, 4:30 p.m., Stone Brooke Clubhouse 

Submitted by Cheryl Martin, Secretary to the Board of Directors


January 24, 2022

4:30 p.m. at Stone Brooke Clubhouse


Board Members present:  Doyle Kepley, Aaron Keller, Jim Twedt, Jeff Borgmeyer, Cheryl Martin, Jim Billings, Linda Thrailkill, Marlene Johnson, Fred Johnson


Stone Brooke Residents present:  Marilyn and David Haynes, Sharon and Dean Axland, Loren Donaldson, Betty Kepley, Steve Johnson


Call to order: 

Summary of November 22, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Highlights of the last meeting were read by the secretary. The Minutes were approved via email January 10, 2022 and posted on the website January 17, 2022.

Treasurer’s Report:

-The Treasurer provided the following summary of the financial statements of the HOA through December 31, 2021. The balance sheet reflected a total of $417,044 in assets with liabilities and equity of equal amount.

-The operating statement for the period ending December 31, 2021 reported $17,318 excess townhome revenues over expenses for the month and year-to-date $36,962 excess townhome expenses over revenues.

-Additionally the statement reports $2,578 excess Common Area expenses over revenues for the month and year-to-date $5,556 excess Common Area revenues over expenses.

-Non-operating results were reported as $6,582 non-operating revenues over expenses for the month and year-to-date results of $20, 590 non-operating revenues over expenses.

-Total results for the month are $21,322 total revenue over expenses and year-to-date $10,815  total expenses over total revenues. 

-The report was moved, seconded, and approved. 


Committee Reports:

Architectural Control - Marlene Johnson 

-No report. Kathy Glatz reported frustration concerning feedback from this committee. Information has been sent to Dean McCormick about the proposed gazebo and no feedback has been received. Doyle will give Dean a call to check on the status of this communication.

Building & Maintenance - Jim Twedt 

-The draft of the Gutter and Downspout Policy has been sent out to the residents with a number of responses returned. This committee will go over the comments and make adjustments to the policy to reflect these concerns before the board rereads and it is then again sent out to the residents for their review and comment.

Clubhouse and Pool - Linda Thrailkill

-Doyle talked to an attorney about Jarnigan, Inc. not guaranteeing their pool maintenance job they performed in spring 2020. The board had voted to hire an attorney to send letters to three parties involved. The purpose is to recover at least some of the expense. Jarnigan, Inc. is to respond by the end of January. In the meantime the committee continues to search for a new contractor for spring work on the pool.

Investments - Fred Johnson

-The December statement for investments indicated an unrealized gain of $6,582.35 and a year-to-date unrealized gain of $19,799.77. 

Insurance - Jim Billings

-There are 90% of the Townhouses that have complied with homeowner insurance requirements. Jim will put a reminder in the January Stone Brooke Connection.

Grounds - Jeff Borgmeyer 

The Chairs along with the Liaison will meet informally to plan for spring activities before regular meetings begin in March. The January 14 and 15 snowstorm dropped 12.6 inches of snow. Landscapes By Design started the clean-up Friday night and it continued until Sunday evening. There were several challenges but all was taken care of with Jeff being in communication throughout the process. Any damages were evaluated by LBD and will be corrected once spring thaws the grounds. Acknowledgements were given to the crew for digging Stone Brooke out from a major snowstorm under very difficult conditions. Also to Kathy Glatz for continuing to distribute updates from the Liaison to the community in a timely manner while traveling.

Hospitality - Jim Billings

New people have joined the committee. The planning of new activities is in the works with different people in charge of each. One idea is to plan for an ice cream social offered by the ISU Creamery before the Annual Meeting in April. This would be a free-will donation.

Welcome - Jim Billings

There is one Townhouse on Stone Brooke Road up for sale at present.

It was noted that Association Covenants, By-Laws, Articles, and Policies are not present in the Welcome Packets, but new homeowners are encouraged to go to the Website to read the most current information.


Old Business:

-Gutter replacement schedule:  Sharon said that the Building and Maintenance Committee has a list of gutter replacement for 2022. The number of townhomes finished will depend on the money available. A resident should be able to email Chad Marty with questions or concerns about townhouse maintenance or repairs.

-A resident representing those living on Fletcher Court is desiring a “big picture” plan for the maintenance of the approach and drive that connects the four driveways to Fletcher Blvd. Chad from PSA was not available to report on a rough estimate to accomplish the “big picture” plan.

-The paving contractor has not yet completed the work on the Fletcher Court entryway curb and gutter.

-The 2022 Budget discussion continued. Aaron presented the 2022 budget with a change in presentation by combining the professional fees together under the Common Area section. Moved, seconded, and approved. Sharon and Dean Axland commended Aaron on his care in explaining the budget.

-The board will look at the Reserve Study results to help guide the Paths Committee and the Bridges Committee.

-The draft of the Reserve Report will be available in the middle of February. The rationale used in having this study done is the need to have a procedure for handling money needs on big projects.


New Business:

Comments from Property Service Agency:  Chad Marty was unavailable for a report.

Appoint nominating Committee:

- There are three possible openings available on the board to be voted on this April at the annual meeting. Jim Billings volunteered to head the nomination committee. Please let him know if you are interested in helping on the committee or interested in being a nominee for serving on the board.

Transition and acclimating new board members:

-There will be an orientation meeting held in May before the regularly scheduled Board Meeting to transition board members into their new positions. Jim B. moved, Aaron seconded, and approved. The officers will still be selected at the Board Meeting that follows the Annual Meeting.

Comments from Audience: Audience members made no comments.

Comments from Board: No additional comments.

Adjournment:  6:22 p.m.

Next scheduled Board of Directors meeting February 28, 2022

Submitted by Cheryl Martin, Secretary to the Board of Directors

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