Pool Rules

Stone Brooke Homeowners Association Swimming Pool Use.

Attention: All Stone Brooke Homeowners and residents

Using the swimming pool implies your acceptance of this agreement and its responsibilities

As a homeowner / resident in the Stone Brooke Homeowners Association I voluntarily and absolutely release, discharge, waive, and relinquish Stone Brooke and its board members, swimming pool employees, and all homeowners in Stone Brooke from any and all liability for personal injury, loss or damage suffered by family, relatives, or guests while within the swimming pool area.

I hereby agree to fully reimburse and indemnify Stone Brooke Association for any and all claims, demands, suits or judgments for injury, loss or damage which may be made or brought by homeowner / resident or guest.

It is understood that a lifeguard will NOT be on duty any time Stone Brooke Pool is open. The responsibility for family and guests shall be that of the adult homeowner / resident.

Using the pool implies the homeowner / resident has read the rules and regulations of the Stone Brooke Pool and has agreed to abide by all the rules of the pool.

Homeowner / resident has read this release, and is fully aware of and understands the terms and legal consequences of this release. By using the Stone Brooke Pool the resident agrees to a complete and unconditional release of all liability for himself / herself, family, relatives, and guests.


Stone Brooke Homeowners Association Pool Rules Pool Hours: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm

No lifeguard on duty Swim at your own risk

Private Pool - Stone Brooke Homeowners / residents

The swimming pool is for Stone Brooke residents in the Association.

All guests must be accompanied by an adult Stone Brooke resident at all times.

An adult resident must accompany family members under 14 years old.

Please be respectful of other residents swimming in the pool by limiting your number of guests and frequency of guest visits.

No diving into pool (Danger - shallow water)

No running, rough play, or breath holding games

Pool area is a designated smoke and alcohol free area

No glass, sharp pointed objects, small objects, coins, or gum in pool (can cause damage to the pool individuals)

No hanging, pulling or sitting on rope in pool

Drinks and food are allowed at the table and chair area (no drink or food in pool)

Please be respectful if using large inflatable items

Use only waterproof sunscreen (oils cause chemical imbalance of the water and filter)

Maintain the highest degree of personal hygiene (diapers designed specifically for swimming)

Swim suits only in pool - no cutoffs

No pets in pool area

The Board of Directors reserves the right to prohibit any person(s) from using the pool because of conduct or other circumstances.

Pool rules will be amended when deemed advisable by the Board of Directors.

Please report any violations or unauthorized use of the pool to the Board of Directors.

SBHOA (6)-Updated 7-23




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