Checklist for Stone Brooke Homeowners Selling their House

Stone Brooke Homeowner(s) Selling their House


We hope your time in Stone Brooke has been enjoyable and we want to thank you for being a part of the Stone Brooke community. The following information is provided to help you as you make plans to move.



  1. Article XI, Section 8 of the Restated Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for the Association, states:


Section 8.  Any Lot Owner or agent who shall sell, convey or dispose of his interest in any Lot shall be required to notify the Board of Directors of the Association of said sale within thirty (30) days of said sale and furnish a copy of said deed or contract along with the name of the new owner.”


Contact information for the current Stone Brooke Board of Directors can be found at


  1. Contact one of the members of the Stone Welcome Committee to list your house for sale on the Stone Brooke Homeowners Association’s website at


Welcome Committee members:

Char Hulsebus at

Dean Sampson at

Sharon Axland at

Chuck Glatz at


After the Sale

  • Please provide to one of the Welcome Committee members listed above, the expected closing date, name and contact information (phone and/or email) of the new owners, so we can contact them and help them to make a smooth transition to the neighborhood by providing them with necessary information including arranging for their dues, garbage services, etc.


  • Return your pool key to Kim Schrader 1612 Woodhaven Circle; 515-233-3638; contact by email:




Updated September 2023











































































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