Stone Brooke Homeowners Association, Inc.

                                                                                        3816 Fletcher Boulevard, Ames, IA 50010


Board of Directors

(Elected to 3-year term; may serve only 2 consecutive terms)

The Board of Directors is elected in April at the annual meeting.  The Board meets on the fourth Monday of the month at 4:30 p.m. in the Stone Brooke Clubhouse.  Meetings are open to all Stone Brooke residents.


Office                    Name                               Term           Ends

President               Jeff Borgmeyer                   1st             Apr 2024

Vice President        Jim Billings                         2nd            Apr 2024

Secretary              Cheryl Martin                      1st             Apr 2023

Treasurer              Aaron Keller                        2nd            Apr 2025

                            Devan Iddings                     1st            Apr 2025

                            Kathy Rathe                        1st            Apr 2025 

                            Jim Twedt                           1st            Apr 2023

                            Fred Johnson                      1st             Apr 2024

                            Marlene Johnson                 1st             Apr 2023

Committee Chairpersons:

Committee                          Chair                                                                      Board  Liaison

Architectural Control           Dean McCormick                                                   Marlene Johnson

Building Maintenance         Sharon Axland                                                       Jim Twedt

                                                                                                                   Doyle Kepley  (Substitute Liaison)

By-laws (Ad Hoc)               Assigned as required                          

Clubhouse and Pool            Dave Martin                                                          Devan Iddings

Grounds                            Andrea D'onore  (co-chair)                                     Marlene Johnson

                                        Jean Marsden   (co-chair)                             

Hospitality                         Kathy Glatz                                                           Kathy Rathe                                             

Insurance                            Jim Lohr                                                             Jim Billings

Investment                          Ken Recker                                                         Fred Johnson

Nominating (Ad Hoc)        Assigned as required

Stone Brooke Welcome     Char Hulsebus                                                        Jim Billings  

Stone Brooke Committees                                                                                                  SHOA Updated 5-12-22

The Board of Directors and several committees oversee the operation of the Stone Brooke Association.  The Board of Directors is elected in April at the Annual Meeting.  Individuals are encouraged to volunteer to serve on committees that interest them by contacting either the Committee Liason or the Chair.  New committee members are always welcomed!


Committee Responsibilities:


Grounds - The Grounds Committee is responsible for maintenance of the common areas and for contracting lawn mowing and snow removal. During the year, the committee has several Saturday clean-up days to do maintenance ( trim, weed, etc.) in the common areas. All Stone Brooke residents are invited and encouraged to participate. Any landscaping plans for the common areas must be approved by this committee.


Clubhouse and Pool - The Clubhouse and Pool Committee oversees the maintenance and use of the pool and clubhouse.


Architectural Control - The Architectural Review Committee is responsible for approving all requests from Class A (townhouses) homeowners for any exterior changes. Any proposed changes must be approved before construction begins. The committee also reviews builders' plans for new construction in the subdivision.


Building Maintenance - The Building Maintenance Committee is responsible for review and scheduling of painting, siding replacement, and roof repair and replacement.


Hospitality - The Hospitality Committee is responsible for planning periodic social gatherings for residents and encouraging them to become acquainted with each other through a monthly newsletter and other email communication.


Welcome -   The Welcome Committe calls on new residents and distributes informaton to those moving into Stone Brooke community.  It also helps those residents selling their townhomes to follow the Stone brooke Association protocol.


Insurance - The Insurance Committee is responsible for reviewing Class A properties to insure that proper insurance coverage is maintained by the owner and that Stone Brooke Association is named an additional insured.


Investment - The Investment Committee is responsible for managing the Association investments and making recommendations to the Board of Directors for any changes in the investment accounts.


Temporary Committees


By-laws (Ad Hoc) - The By-Laws Committee is responsible for review of the bylaws and for writing proposed changes for approval by the Association.


Ad Hoc - An Hoc committee is usually related to a specific topic to collect information, and is appointed by the president and/or board.


Committee Members:

Architectural Control

Dean McCormick - Chair

Russ Richardson                           Nathan Tosten

Candy Schainker                           Lyn Watson    

Building Maintenance

Sharon Axland - Chair 

Gail Johnson                            Marc Rietz

Darlene Schmidt                      Dave Martin

Red Stenberg                           Doug Lawrence

By-laws (Ad Hoc)

Chair - Assigned as required

Clubhouse and Pool

Dave Martin - Chair

Committee members:                              Little Library Helpers:

Carole Bunde                                          Sue Griffin

Linda Thrailkill                                       Jean Marie Marsden                                                                                                 

Kim Schrader                                          Ann Olsen                                     

Nathan and Neta Tosten                          Barb Faidley

Alon Klekner                                           Anne Recker

Dwight and Addie Hinson



Andrea D'onore and Jean Marie Marsden - Co-Chairs

Jim Billings

Jeff Borgmeyer

Joyce Hardisty

Sharon Knudsen

Chris Marty (PSA ex-officio)                    

Bob and Julie Larson                                                                      

John Wilson                            




Kathy Glatz - Chair                                    

Crystal Iddings                                                     

Lynn Franco

Kathy Rathe

Nathan and Neta Tosten    

Mary Wilson


Jim Lohr - Chair


Ken Recker - Chair

Bob Anderson                                 

Howard Levine

Bob Blattert

Nominating (Ad Hoc)

Chair and members selected as required

Stone Brooke Welcome

Char Hulsebus and Dean Sampson, co-chairs


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