Stone Brooke Homeowners Association Board of Directors

Minutes of meeting held in 2020

Board Meeting, Jan. 27, 2020


Present:  Dean Axland, Mary Beth Oostenbrug, Aaron Keller, Doyle Kepley, Dave Schraeder, Jim Billings, Lara Hallgrimsdottir, Ron Schnoes

Absent: Linda Thrailkill

Visitors: Sharon Axland, Chad Marty, Mary and Jim Lohr, Ed Adcock


Call to Order:  Doyle called the meeting to order at 4:30 PM at the Clubhouse.

Minutes were amended to correct Andrew Zbaracki’s name.  Minutes approved as amended.


Treasurer’s Report: Aaron reported Total Assets of $448,546.  Treasurer’s report will be filed for audit.


Committee Reports
Architectural Control:  Motion made to approve 1511 Stone Brooke Road project except for adding the privacy fence/wall.  Motion seconded and passed.

Building and Maintenance Committee:  Water leak in yard above 4009 Fletcher has been flagged for digging this week by Ames Trenching to find the cause.  

Seven roof replacements were completed in 2019. Seven or eight roofs need to be replaced each year to stay on schedule. These are determined each year after inspections are completed by PSA.

Homeowner reported to Chad that their roof would not be covered for Replacement Cost at their next policy renewal date and would depreciate (when the roof becomes 15 years old). SBHOA requires a Replacement Cost policy according to the Covenants. Discussion followed and the committee will send a letter addressing this requirement. The letter will also include information on how a roof settlement is handled by SBHOA, including the deductible, in event of a roof claim.  Information will be presented by the committee chair re policy riders that will cover the cost of roof replacement on roofs older than 15 years.  This issue will be decided after the information is shared with the board.

Discussion followed regarding interior water damage due to ice dams and sudden roof leaks. Both would be covered by a Replacement Cost Policy subject to the deductible of the owner.  Aaron made a motion to abolish previous practices of HOA paying for all repairs related to these issues, but that HOA pay for those interior repairs that are due to HOA negligence. Mary Beth seconded. Motion passed.  Exception to this motion are repair requests made in the fall, which will be honored and completed this spring.

A list of owners that have added or enclosed a previously open area of their unit was shared with Aaron for the purpose of re-evaluating dues.

Committee will send a letter regarding possible hail damage to homeowners of 10 oldest roofs from a hail storm last fall. Letter will ask them to file a claim with their insurance company so an adjuster can make an inspection this spring. Committee will follow up on how claim would be handled if damage is found to be present.

Clubhouse and Pool:  Linda will secure a committee chair within the committee. Landscape By Design will clear sidewalk and de-ice it, but at times when snow is less than 2”, Chad will clear and de-ice the sidewalk.

Investment:  Aaron reported a $2,239.77 gain this month and a $12,873.99 gain YTD.

Insurance:   It was discovered that some homeowner’s policies named LWBJ as additional beneficiary instead of SBHOA.  Insurance information must be changed to name and send information to, SBHOA.  An email will be sent out to homeowners re these requirements and new contact info.  The committee will also contact insurance companies re requirements/declarations.  A few homeowners still are not in compliance with requirements per covenants.

Grounds: No committee meeting this month.     

Hospitality:  Dave reported 13 at last potluck.  Committee called on 3 new residents and have 3 more to call on.


OLD Business:  

Ron reported that after asking for volunteers to replace retiring webmasters and email managers, several responded quickly.  New co-webmasters are Mary Lohr and Ed Adcock.  Kathy Glatz is now managing SB emails.  The Board thanks these residents for volunteering.  Information will be gathered re cost and payment methods for internet website host service.  Mary Beth made a motion to pay for these costs at current rate.  Seconded by Aaron. Motion passed.

Aaron will be sharing policy re obligation to pay for goods at next month’s meeting.  

Procedure for assessing dues increase based on enlargement of unit was shared and discussed.  Procedure will be approved at next month’s meeting, after board members consider its content.


Policy on gutter modification – toppers, etc. will be drafted by Bldg and Maintainence Committee.


NEW Business

Review of By-Laws, Covenants and Policies, was led by Mary Beth.  A list of issues needing to be addressed was shared with board members.  Discussion was held and items on list will be addressed at next month’s meeting.


PSA Chad Marty: 

Comments from the Board:

Comments from Visitors: Sharon Axland brought an issue to the board’s attention re homeowner’s attention to landscape maintenance.  A letter will be sent to the homeowner, informing them of covenant re this issue.  


Meeting adjourned at 6:45 P.M.  


Next meeting: Feb. 24, 2020, 4:30, at Clubhouse


Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Beth Oostenbrug, Secretary


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