Stone Brooke Home Owners Association


Board Meeting, Jan. 25, 2021


Present: Aaron Keller, Doyle Kepley, James Billings, Linda Thrailkill, Mary Beth Oostenbrug, Cheryl Martin, Ron Schnoes

Absent: Jim Twedt

Visitors: Chad Marty, Bill and Jan Anderson, Ernie Unger, Kathy Glatz, Max Schnepf, Loren Donaldson, Char Hulsebus, Robert Bergmann, John and Mary Wilson


Call to Order:  Doyle called the meeting to order via Zoom, at 4:30 PM.  Minutes of November meeting corrected to reflect active board members present.  Minutes approved as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report:  Aaron reported Total Assets of $461,715 as of Dec. 31, 2020.  Treasurer’s report will be filed for audit.  


Committee Reports

Architectural Control:  Committee forwarded report to board and reads as such: Committee approved request by 3908 Fletcher Blvd for deck.  Board motioned and approved request.  Committee recommends to board, removal of garage door decorations. The board recommends the Committee review Covenants, By-Laws and Policies to clarify interpretation of and report back to board. Jim Billings will communicate this to committee.  

Building and Maintenance Committee: Chad reported for Jim that water leak at 4135 SBR was repaired for the utility line replacement of the water supply line and 4013 Fl was temporarily repaired until spring.  Roofing quotes gathered from TMJ, shows costs increased another 8%.  One roof repair from 2019 still left to complete and one completed this month.  List of gutter replacement complete, but waiting on costs to determine number that can be done this year.  Committee recommends SBA have special line item for future roof replacements, that allows for replacements to take place as needed instead of a specific number completed each year.  Yearly inspections are planned to be completed prior to annual meeting.  Current estimate for repairing Fletcher Court, will be gathered.

Clubhouse and Pool: Linda reported discussions of the following issues:  Clubhouse floor viewed after furniture moved out and carpet pulled.  Cracks visible but water source unknown. Options discussed for proceeding with determining water source. Carpet sample selected by committee consensus. C. Marty, PSA, to be contacted to pull exterior boards (ASAP) around Clubhouse to search for previous water damage.

Investment: Aaron reported that the Investment Committee didn’t meet in Dec.  Aaron reported a gain of $2,135.73 this month and a gain of $9,137.90 YTD on SBHOA investments.

Insurance:  James reported while most everyone has complied with the requirements set out in the SBHOA by-laws and covenants, there are still a few outstanding: 13 residents have yet to include SBHOA as an additional insured, 13 residents still have too-low (in our estimation) insured replacement amounts for their dwelling, and 17, mostly newly arrived residents, have yet to submit any insurance declarations.

Grounds:  Ron reported that the committee did not meet in Dec. Ron reported on snow expenses so far this year. A sample of path paving material is at the Clubhouse front door, for residents to view. 

Hospitality: Cheryl reported that the committee clarified its responsibilities and outlined them for board review, for purposes of dividing responsibilities to be carried out by two separate committees.  One would be the Welcome Committee, the other the Hospitality Committee.  Also, samples of the Welcome packet were delivered to each board member, for review, prior to this meeting.  Discussion held re packets. Request of dividing committee into two, will be discussed further at next meeting.  


OLD Business:

Draft Policy for Architectural Review of Proposed Exterior Property Alteration was shared with all residents.  One written response to SBA address, was received and forwarded to board. Additionally, Aaron was contacted by a resident representing an unnumbered group of residents who had engaged an attorney to render an opinion on the permissibility of said policy in light of the Declaration of Covenants for SBHOA.  The attorney’s opinion was that the board is not permitted to approve this policy according to the Covenants.  Aaron will talk with Jim T for his opinion as to how to move forward on this issue.


NEW Business

Board vacancy and nominating committee: Cheryl Martin and one other resident will be the nomination committee.  All board members are asked to consider candidates to fulfill rest of Mary’s term.

Feeding deer: Mary Beth inquired if board members had received any complaints re feeding the deer.  Issue was discussed but it was decided this wasn’t a problem, overall.

Comments from PSA-Chad Marty: Made above during various issues discussed. 

Comments from the Board: Ron asked residents to be patient with new snow removal employees as he’s received complaints.

Comments from Visitors: John Wilson asked re ground survey status. Ron will share the survey with all board members before next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.  Next meeting: Feb. 22, 2021.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Beth Oostenbrug, Secretary

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